I Am Legend

I have heard that I Am Legend is about a man who is trying to stop a disease from spreading. I’ve never seen the movie or read the novel but many people have told me that it’s a really good movie. In the movie, I’ve been told, the disease he tries to stop changes people into creatures. I think that in the end the man will find a cure for the disease but will go through many obstacles to get there. I am looking forward to this novel because I have heard so much about it and I am excited to finally read it.


IAL #7

Many people believe that to be a survivor all you need is strength and strategy. I believe that to be a survivor you also need positivism and hope. When you are positive, you view things from a different perspective, which makes you become better at strategics. When you know that things will be just fine and think about how to make your time there worth to last. If you’re stuck somewhere, make the time you are there be a good time instead of looking at the struggles you go through daily there. One also needs hope. Hope that you’ll get out of there or that there is a solution to your problem.  Hope that you will survive somehow to continue your life. Hope makes one strive for the best. It can be your motivation to keep going and to not give up. These two things combined are essential because in a situation like I am Legend, one may just want to kill them self and not deal with what is happening, and that’s were positivity and hope come in.

With solitude come many problems. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. When one is and feels alone, one gets depressed. Not only that, they think that there is no more purpose in life because there is no one there to see your accomplishments, to tell you they love you, to let you know they are there, and most importantly, to keep you company. A person like Robert Neville go through emotionally exhausting struggles. They may remember what it was like to have a family and what it felt like to be loved and cared about. They feel cold and don’t have that warmth you get when somebody asks ‘how are you?’. All these memories are exhausting and people may want to give up on life. When there’s nobody to stride for or help the significance of life does not seem so great.

IAL blog 6

  • Robert Neville
  • In the book Neville was blond and had blue eyes he was of Irish-German descent , but in the movie he was African American. Both in the movie and book he was in his 30’s.
  • In the book, Neville fixed his house everyday and listens to classical music. In the movie, he listens to Bob Marley and broadcast on his radio everyday and goes to the pier to wait for people.
  • In the book he worked in a plant. In the movie he worked in the Army as a scientist who deals with disease.
  • In the book he took samples from vampires alive and in the movie he does dissections and experiments on them in a lab in their house.
  • In the book we knew because of all the emotional struggles he had daily and he had flashbacks of people. In the movie he kept looking at pictures of his family.
  • They set up mannequins.
  • Vampires
  • In the movie they looked more like zombies than the stereotypical vampires on the book. He showed that they were very strong and muscular.
  • Key Characters
  • The dog is introduced by being found in the book. He viewed him as a temporary, yet valuable, company and in the movie that dog was their pet since she was a puppy.
  • The dog was given to him by his family.
  • The female character is a mother that heard Robert’s broadcast and is going to a military base.In the book it is a vampire spy that is sent to spy on him.
  • At first, he doesn’t trust them but then they become close.
  • I don’t think Ben Courtman comes up in the film but it could be any of the vampires. Maybe he was the strong vampire that broke the glass door.
  • Setting
  • The book takes place in New York and the film takes place in California.
  • Anna came from Brazil and took a Red Cross ship to California and was planning on going to a military base.
  • Because maybe they wanted to make the movie more modern.
  • Plot Differences
  • The plague in the film starts by a virus that is created for cancer. In the book it starts because of a sand storm.
  • She tells him that she doesn’t believe they are the only humans left and she was right, there were people at the military base.
  • Both in the movie and the book, Robert dies and dies because of the vampires. The movie ends by Anna saying that he was legend because he died for the rest of the people to live. The book ends by Robert saying he was legend but because he was the last of his kind.

Spanish Flu

  1. My Chosen Pandemic: Spanish Flu
  2. Define “pandemic” in your own words: A disease spread throughout the world
  3. List the Symptoms here: Fever, respiratory problems, muscle and joint pain, cough, sore throat, runny nose, and pneumonia.
  4. List the Causes here: The H1N1 virus, which was like a form of avian influenza.
  5. Explain how the disease Spreads here: Coughing or sneezing and can also be spread by touching an item that is contaminated with it.
  6. List the Cure(s) here: Antiviral medicines and by treating its symptoms.
  7. List some interesting or surprising facts here:
    1. The Spanish Flu is also known as Influenza
    2. It has killed more Americans in one year than it did in WW1,WW11, the Vietnam war, and the Korean war combined
  8. When and where did this pandemic break out? The Spanish Flu broke out in Europe in 1918.
  9. What were some of the strategies used by societies and by individuals to fight the spread of the pandemic? Some believed that eating onions could cure the flu. Others thought using beaver oil could. People also believed that avoiding tight clothes and shoes could help prevent the flu.
  10. How do people typically react when there is an outbreak of disease? People panic and start buying hand sanitizers and get flu shots. Others don’t even realize that there is an outbreak going on.
  11. Name at least 2 “modern day” pandemics. Ebola virus, Enterovirus, H1N1, Malaria.
  12. Sources: http://www.historyofvaccines.org/content/blog/spanish-influenza-pandemic-and-vaccines, http://www.flu.gov/pandemic/history/index.html,       http://www.flu.gov/pandemic/history/

post #4

Concision- A cutting up or off; compactness

Prejudice-  An unfair feeling of dislike for a person or group because of race, sex, religion, etc.

Minority- The group that is the smaller part of a larger group

Loathed- To hate (someone or something) very much

Robert Neville is saying that Vampires are the minority.
They are disliked and hated because of their notorious actions.
They are prejudice against because, in concision, they kill people and suck their blood.
In this novel, vampires are the majority as the disease has made everyone convert into vampires. The minority are humans because there is only one left, Robert Neville.

Chapter 1-4 summary

Chapters one and two of the story talk about Robert Neville’s everyday struggle. At night, he is bothered by women and all the creatures that want him to come out. The biggest conflict for him are the women. They try to lure him out of the house because they know he is alone. The creatures try to find a way in the house and damage much of it. These creatures do not come out in daylight. This is when Neville goes outside and fixes his house ready for the next night. He goes through daily battles mentally, physically, and emotionally being in this world alone. In chapter three, Neville’s emotional battle is shown. He remembers his Kathy, who was sick with a “flu”. He remembers when he told her to stay home and that she hated being ill.  In chapter four, he realizes what kept the creatures from creeping in the daylight and also why objects kept them away. He figured out that if they were exposed to daylight they would die. He also made the connection of why the creatures were afraid of garlic and the cross.