Chapter 1-4 summary

Chapters one and two of the story talk about Robert Neville’s everyday struggle. At night, he is bothered by women and all the creatures that want him to come out. The biggest conflict for him are the women. They try to lure him out of the house because they know he is alone. The creatures try to find a way in the house and damage much of it. These creatures do not come out in daylight. This is when Neville goes outside and fixes his house ready for the next night. He goes through daily battles mentally, physically, and emotionally being in this world alone. In chapter three, Neville’s emotional battle is shown. He remembers his Kathy, who was sick with a “flu”. He remembers when he told her to stay home and that she hated being ill.  In chapter four, he realizes what kept the creatures from creeping in the daylight and also why objects kept them away. He figured out that if they were exposed to daylight they would die. He also made the connection of why the creatures were afraid of garlic and the cross.


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