Spanish Flu

  1. My Chosen Pandemic: Spanish Flu
  2. Define “pandemic” in your own words: A disease spread throughout the world
  3. List the Symptoms here: Fever, respiratory problems, muscle and joint pain, cough, sore throat, runny nose, and pneumonia.
  4. List the Causes here: The H1N1 virus, which was like a form of avian influenza.
  5. Explain how the disease Spreads here: Coughing or sneezing and can also be spread by touching an item that is contaminated with it.
  6. List the Cure(s) here: Antiviral medicines and by treating its symptoms.
  7. List some interesting or surprising facts here:
    1. The Spanish Flu is also known as Influenza
    2. It has killed more Americans in one year than it did in WW1,WW11, the Vietnam war, and the Korean war combined
  8. When and where did this pandemic break out? The Spanish Flu broke out in Europe in 1918.
  9. What were some of the strategies used by societies and by individuals to fight the spread of the pandemic? Some believed that eating onions could cure the flu. Others thought using beaver oil could. People also believed that avoiding tight clothes and shoes could help prevent the flu.
  10. How do people typically react when there is an outbreak of disease? People panic and start buying hand sanitizers and get flu shots. Others don’t even realize that there is an outbreak going on.
  11. Name at least 2 “modern day” pandemics. Ebola virus, Enterovirus, H1N1, Malaria.
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