IAL blog 6

  • Robert Neville
  • In the book Neville was blond and had blue eyes he was of Irish-German descent , but in the movie he was African American. Both in the movie and book he was in his 30’s.
  • In the book, Neville fixed his house everyday and listens to classical music. In the movie, he listens to Bob Marley and broadcast on his radio everyday and goes to the pier to wait for people.
  • In the book he worked in a plant. In the movie he worked in the Army as a scientist who deals with disease.
  • In the book he took samples from vampires alive and in the movie he does dissections and experiments on them in a lab in their house.
  • In the book we knew because of all the emotional struggles he had daily and he had flashbacks of people. In the movie he kept looking at pictures of his family.
  • They set up mannequins.
  • Vampires
  • In the movie they looked more like zombies than the stereotypical vampires on the book. He showed that they were very strong and muscular.
  • Key Characters
  • The dog is introduced by being found in the book. He viewed him as a temporary, yet valuable, company and in the movie that dog was their pet since she was a puppy.
  • The dog was given to him by his family.
  • The female character is a mother that heard Robert’s broadcast and is going to a military base.In the book it is a vampire spy that is sent to spy on him.
  • At first, he doesn’t trust them but then they become close.
  • I don’t think Ben Courtman comes up in the film but it could be any of the vampires. Maybe he was the strong vampire that broke the glass door.
  • Setting
  • The book takes place in New York and the film takes place in California.
  • Anna came from Brazil and took a Red Cross ship to California and was planning on going to a military base.
  • Because maybe they wanted to make the movie more modern.
  • Plot Differences
  • The plague in the film starts by a virus that is created for cancer. In the book it starts because of a sand storm.
  • She tells him that she doesn’t believe they are the only humans left and she was right, there were people at the military base.
  • Both in the movie and the book, Robert dies and dies because of the vampires. The movie ends by Anna saying that he was legend because he died for the rest of the people to live. The book ends by Robert saying he was legend but because he was the last of his kind.

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