IAL #7

Many people believe that to be a survivor all you need is strength and strategy. I believe that to be a survivor you also need positivism and hope. When you are positive, you view things from a different perspective, which makes you become better at strategics. When you know that things will be just fine and think about how to make your time there worth to last. If you’re stuck somewhere, make the time you are there be a good time instead of looking at the struggles you go through daily there. One also needs hope. Hope that you’ll get out of there or that there is a solution to your problem.  Hope that you will survive somehow to continue your life. Hope makes one strive for the best. It can be your motivation to keep going and to not give up. These two things combined are essential because in a situation like I am Legend, one may just want to kill them self and not deal with what is happening, and that’s were positivity and hope come in.

With solitude come many problems. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. When one is and feels alone, one gets depressed. Not only that, they think that there is no more purpose in life because there is no one there to see your accomplishments, to tell you they love you, to let you know they are there, and most importantly, to keep you company. A person like Robert Neville go through emotionally exhausting struggles. They may remember what it was like to have a family and what it felt like to be loved and cared about. They feel cold and don’t have that warmth you get when somebody asks ‘how are you?’. All these memories are exhausting and people may want to give up on life. When there’s nobody to stride for or help the significance of life does not seem so great.


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